What currently happens to homeless and unwanted pets in Norfolk?

The City of Norfolk Dog and Cat Pound contracts with Puppy Love for temporary shelter and 72 hour hold. Norfolk Animal Control and Norfolk Police Officers by contract take homeless and stray pets to Puppy Love in Norfolk.

The City of Norfolk Dog and Cat Pound contract provides for homeless pets to be held for 72 hours. After that time, the only option is euthanasia. …..

Brenda Chace of Puppy Love has personally paid all additional expenses beyond the 72 hours for over 12 years to make sure the pets get a fair chance to be adopted into a loving home. Expenses such as medical or any special needs to allow the homeless pet the very best opportunity for a new beginning.

This takes time and financial investment in the homeless pets to get ready for a better life.

The Norfolk Humane Society, Inc. a non profit organization is dedicated to improve conditions for the homeless pets in our community. 100% of donations are for the homeless pets here in Norfolk.

Norfolk already has an existing shelter we desperately need your help to improve the conditions for the homeless pets in Norfolk.

We need to improve on what we already have. The Norfolk Humane Society, Inc. needs funding from the community to help these desperate homeless pets until they are adopted by loving homes.

No animal should have to live in a kennel for an extended period.

Our first objectives and fund raising needs include:

  1. Help with the animals to socialize them
  2. Improve the shelter conditions
  3. Build fences so the dogs have space to play and be outside

We need the fences so that they can be outside the kennels so that they can be worked with and socialized to be ready for adoption.

Dogs need exercise, socialization, and fresh air. Fenced in areas will allow the dogs to exercise, play and enjoy the outdoors.

Cats need room to play and not be confined to cages. Our long term goals are to build a new shelter for the dogs and remodel the existing area so the cats can have a new location, currently they also are only able to live in cages in the limited space available.

Please check back often and click our link at the top ( Adoptions Available ) for weekly updates on newly available companions.

The animals thank you for opening your heart by donating to help us give them a chance at a loving home.